Editorial guidelines change log

Learn what changes have occurred in the Bing Ads Editorial Guidelines over time.

February 2014 Disallowed and Restricted Content Guidelines Taiwan
We have removed the requirement to have the phone number of the local sheriff in advertising for homestay under the Disallowed and Restricted Content Guidelines.
February 2014 Ad Content and Style Guidelines Hong Kong/Taiwan
We have made additional requirements for Display URL, under the Ad Content and Style Guidelines, for ads targeting Hong Kong and/or Taiwan to restrict the use of only English characters in the main domain of the display URL. Please refer to the policy for more information.
January 2014 Disallowed and Restricted Content Global
We have made two revisions to the Disallowed and Restricted Content policy: a revision of the section on political and religious content, and a revision of the section on alcohol. Please refer to the Disallowed and Restricted Content policy for details.
January 2014 Gambling and Contests Guidelines Global
We have made a revision to the Gambling and Contests Guidelines, adding a responsible gaming message to those markets permitting gambling. Please reference the Gambling and Contests policy for details.
December 2013 User Safety and Privacy Global
There are two updates to the User Safety and Privacy policy: the addition of a section on third-party products and services and a revision to the software and downloads section. These changes are meant to provide transparency and ensure a high quality experience for both our customers and end users. The section on 3rd party products and services requires that advertisers are clear about their identity and relationship with the owner of the product or service they promote. The updates to the section of software and downloads help to clarify our requirements around such things as bundling and uninstall functionality. Please review the full User Safety and Privacy policy for more information.
December 2013 Gambling and Contests Guidelines Mexico
We have begun to allow online gambling that complies with local regulations in Mexico. As always, please reference the Gambling policy for specific details.
November 2013 Punctuation Global
We have removed the restriction on use of exclamation points in ad titles from the Content and Style Guidelines. A single exclamation point is now allowed in the title of an ad.
October 2013 Gambling and Contests Guidelines United States, New Zealand
An update to policy allows approved state lotteries to advertise within the U.S. Additionally, locally licensed gambling operators may now advertise in New Zealand. Restrictions apply, so please reference the Gambling policy for details.
September 2013 Product Ads United States
A new policy is available for Product Ads. Advertisers must still adhere to the Bing Ads policy in addition to this policy which introduces guidelines specific to the images and product descriptions that are part of Product Ads.
July 2013 Phone numbers and ad call extensions Global
Our policy has been updated to include more detailed information about how phone numbers may be used in ads and the requirement to disclose in advance any fees or recording.
May 2013 Launch of policy for new markets Multiple markets
We have launched Bing Ads in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam and policies have been updated for these markets. Please reference our global policies or the Taiwan policy for Taiwan-specific information.
April 2013 Launch of policy for Brazil Brazil

Policies have been updated to support the launch of Bing Ads in Brazil. Policy content specific to Brazil can be found in the Adult Content Guidelines, the Disallowed and Restricted Content policy and our policy on Pharmacy and Health Care Products and Services.

April 2013 Gambling and Contests Guidelines Canada, Germany

Our policy has changed in both Germany and Canada to allow licensed gambling operators. Please review the Gambling policy for further details.

January 2013 Gambling and Contests Guidelines Netherlands

We have adjusted our policy to permit lotteries for certain authorized advertisers in the Netherlands.

November 2012 Disallowed and Restricted Content Global
New language has been added to clarify that content promoting self-harm or cruelty to animals is prohibited.

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