MJ DePalma


Announcing The Art and Science of Search + TV Webcast

How do TV commercials impact search volume? Should I bid on branded and/or non-branded search terms related to my commercial? Are my competitors bidding on search terms related to my commercial? What are people searching for when they search for my commercial? Can I still leverage the power of search and TV even if I don't run commercials?

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The Art and Science of Quality Score

The Bing Ads Quality Score shows you how competitive your ads are in the marketplace by measuring how relevant your keywords, ads and landing pages are to customers' search queries. Hosted by MJ DePalma, Sr. Global Channel Marketing Manager; Christi Olson, Bing Ads Evangelist; John Lee, Bing Ads Trainer; and special guest Melissa Mackey, Search Supervisor at gyro, this webcast provides an in-depth look at Quality Score and what it means to you.

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The Science of Audience and Attribution Modeling

In the eternal quest for more clicks, more conversions, more of everything that’s great about paid search advertising, it makes sense to spend some time figuring out a viable attribution model for your business. Because if you can’t attribute clicks and calls and sales to a specific channel, how can you justify putting a higher spend in that channel?

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The Art and Science of Bing Ads Reporting

Is it possible to have too much data? Absolutely. In digital marketing particularly, it’s possible to put a metric against every little nuance of your campaign. So how do you know what reports are going to deliver the insights that will help you drive real improvements?

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Bing Ads small business marketing webcast series – 5 key concepts to rock your small business marketing plan!

We recently recorded a three-part webcast series to help marketers and small business owners plan and execute successful search engine marketing campaigns to drive more business. By the end of the series, you’ll be well-equipped to shine through the very busy digital life your customers have in today’s world. We’ll give you specific game plans aligned to your exact business goals that are simple, effective and, most importantly, quick to implement.

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