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Stephanie Worley

Senior Content Strategist

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The long game of Pay-per-click advertising

Advertisers can see immediate revenue and impact from Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but there are long-term benefits too. Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns can help you generate revenue for reinvestment, increase your website traffic, and build awareness for your brand—both immediately and over time.

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Search Engine Marketing key to Reaching New Customers

Want to keep your competition in the rearview mirror? If you own a small business, consider increasing your digital marketing budget. According to a recent study,1 a whopping 70% of small businesses plan to do just that in 2017. We’re not talking trivial amounts either; 30% said they planned to increase their budget a lot.

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Searching for love? Prep your Valentine’s Day ad campaigns for 2017!

When it comes to shopping in the name of love, people aren’t afraid to spend money. Retailers went gaga over $19.7 billion in Valentine’s Day sales last year.1 Show some love to your search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns this Valentine’s Day; If you don’t, you’ll be missing a big opportunity to generate leads and revenue in Q1 2017.

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