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Audience Matters: Opportunities on the Yahoo! Bing Network

As search engine marketers, you work hard to promote your business by advertising to potential customers.  Most likely, it’s paying off for you, but are you leaving opportunities on the table?  Data from comScore confirms that if you’re only advertising on one search engine, you are missing out on reaching millions of people that may be your future customers.

Every day, these millions of people search for various things that span from their next vacation to local restaurants to their dream car.  A major myth is that most consumers use multiple search engines in their decision journey in an effort to find the right answer to complete their task.  Sounds reasonable, right?  The reality is that’s not the case.  Search market data from comScore reveals that even though users can switch between search engines, they typically stick with the same search engine to complete that specific task.

So what does this mean to search advertisers?  This translates into an opportunity to be seen by a large exclusive audience when you extend your search advertising on the Yahoo! Bing Network.  Whether you’re a local retailer, mortgage broker, or car dealership, don’t go unnoticed by millions of unique searchers who are not using Google to look for your products and services.  The chart below shows how many people in your industry you can reach only by advertising on the Yahoo! Bing Network.  There are over 450 million searches1 every day in the U.S, so don’t wait… your customers are looking for you.


1 comScore qSearch (custom) December 2012