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Bing Ads Continues to Deliver Great Mobile Momentum on Yahoo Bing Network

It’s clear which direction mobile search advertising is headed: up. The numbers become more impressive every day. In a recent report, eMarketer estimated that 129.1 million consumers will use their mobile phone to search by the end of 2014, which constitutes more than 60 percent of the US search user base. eMarketer expects that number to grow to 88 percent by 2018.

Even more interesting is the way people are using their devices. Everywhere you go, you see people using a mobile device: checking e-mail, finding a local business, looking for the nearest restaurant, checking a price, making a purchase. Mobile is enabling our world of 24/7 connectedness.

We’re certainly seeing the impact of an increasingly mobile search world at Bing Ads. We have witnessed significant growth in our query volume and, through investments we’ve made in our mobile ad products and improvements in the sophistication of our marketplace, we’ve been able to deliver more than 110 percent year-over-year growth in mobile ad clicks.

Bing Ads Delivers ROI for Advertisers

Bing Ads delivers strong consumer engagement and advertiser ROI driven by our ability to connect advertisers to tens of millions of mobile search users across Bing, Yahoo, and other partners. And Bing Ads will continue to be the place to access the highest performing mobile paid search inventory across Bing and Yahoo.

We’re working hard to deliver mobile ad products that help advertisers create campaigns that drive consumer engagement and ROI with mobile search ads:

  • Mobile ads with location extensions –show searchers a business address that is closest to their location. We’ve seen these generate click-through rates that are 10-30 percent higher than ads without those extensions. 
  • Mobile ads with call extensions – call extensions drive phone calls, which business owners tell us are among the most valuable responses to an ad. These ads have delivered up to 30 percent higher click-through rates when compared to similar mobile search ads without call extensions.
  • Mobile site links - allow advertisers the ability to connect with consumers and navigate deeply into a site using a mobile device, so they can find information or execute a transaction more quickly.


Introducing Product Ads for Mobile

Consumers are also increasingly using mobile search to find product information as part of their shopping process, especially on-the-go. They compare pricing, product availability, location and even offers in real-time during a purchase decision. In order to help advertisers take advantage of this growing trend, we will soon launch Mobile Product Ads which will allow consumers to efficiently find product information on their smartphones across all mobile platforms.

Get the Most from Mobile

We’re ready to help businesses of all sizes get the most from the fast-growing mobile search market. That means we’re making it easy to create mobile-optimized campaigns, adopt mobile ad extensions, and measure the ROI of mobile search – including transactions, phone calls, and store or product locators.

We understand how important mobile has become for our advertising partners. It’s an area where we spend time every day to enable new ad experiences that help consumers complete tasks on any mobile device, at any time or place.

Stay tuned for more and in the meantime, contact a Microsoft sales representative to help configure and maintain your mobile search spend.