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Three Advertiser Satisfaction Improvements in Your Bing Ads Campaign Page

Bing Ads users highlighted 3 particular opportunities for a faster and more seamless user experience in their Campaigns Page. We would like to announce that they're now live.  Please keep the feedback coming.

1. Editorial Alert = Faster access to your disapproved ads and keywords

We’ve added a notification at the top of the Campaigns page that alerts you if you have disapproved ads or keywords. By clicking on the links in the alert you can get to the page that lists all the disapproved ads or keywords across your campaigns. You can then edit a disapproved ad (save edit to initiate a new editorial review), or replace a disapproved keyword. With both disapproved ads and keywords, you can also place a request for an exception.

­3 UI Updates_Editorial Notification2. New Reporting Time Grains = Faster workflow

We added “Last 14 Days” and “Last 30 Days” to the options in your performance reports in response to their popularity, removing the need to Custom select specific dates to meet these durations.

3 UI Updates_Date Ranges

3. ROAS and Revenue & Conversion Metrics = Faster access to more campaign conversion data

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), and Revenue & Conversation rate have been added as optional columns to the Campaign, Ad Group, Ads, Keywords and Ad Extensions grids in the Web UI.

3 UI Updates_ROAS and Metrics in Campaigns Grid

Thank you for your suggestions on UserVoice and @replies to our Twitter account, as well as comments here on the Bing Ads Blog and posts on our community forums. Your feedback often contains great ideas on how we can improve the tools you use.  We invite your continued recommendations for the user interface.

Thank you,


Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform